About Watertown High School Robotics

    In the Fall of 2007, Watertown High School’s Robotics Team joined the FIRST organization and became FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2423, known as the KwarQs.  

    The team made its competition debut at FIRST's Overdrive competition in the Spring of 2008.  Based on the advanced robot design, enthusiasm and team spirit, the KwarQs were awarded the Rookie All-Star Award.  As a result of the prestigious award, the team was invited to attend and compete at the FIRST National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Team Competitions and Match Videos

    For information on past seasons and videos of competition matches, go to the team's page on The Blue Alliance.

Team Awards

        2008 FRC Rookie of the Year

        2010 Beantown Blitz Champions

        2011 FRC Gracious Professionalism

        2012 FRC Innovation in Control Systems

        2013 FRC Innovation in Control Systems

        2014 FRC Excellence in Engineering

        2015 Beantown Blitz Champions

        2016 BattleCry Human Player Winner 

        2018 Beantown Blitz Finalist 

        2019 FRC Innovation in Control Award

If you are interested in learning more about the WHS Robotics Team,
please send an email to coaches@team2423.org.