Coaches & Mentors

Travis, Coach

    Travis is a FIRST alumni who went to the world championships! He went to school at WPI and is now a software engineer. He loves building, and coding robots and helping kids learn more about programming. He teaches FIRST history and strategy and helps wherever he can. He likes to go to concerts and loves Mexican food. 

Amory, Coach
    Amory, a founding member of the team in his high school days, is currently a coach.  Amory is typically found working with our programmers on the code for the robot.  He is a software engineer and loves working with the students. He also likes to rock climb!

Kriss, Coach
    Kriss is an experienced STEM teacher who enjoys working with students to expand and develop their knowledge in robotics through hands-on learning.

Alexandra, Mentor
    Alexandra enjoys working with integrating software with robotics and exploring new ideas along the way. She was in FIRST in middle school and high school and wishes to help a new generation of FIRST students.

Jacob, Mentor
    Jacob is a software engineer who is always looking for a robot to play with. He loves teaching others the principles of programming and strives to make it fun. He enjoys flying his homemade drone on the weekends and will dance if you put on music (whether you like it or not).

Josh, Mentor
    Josh enjoys working in the field of robotics during the workday as well as at night with the students. He works closely with the students to incorporate the mathematical concepts they have learned during the school day into real life. You can find him working CNC with the students. He likes to rock climb, and explore the outdoors.

Karl, Mentor
    Karl enjoys working with the students on everything from building chassis to soldering wires to designing electronic scouting platforms for our competitions.

Mary-Benham, Mentor

    Mary-Benham previously served as a coach for the team and is now serving as a mentor. Along with her enthusiasm and organizational skills, Mary-Benham attends to the business side of the team, including developing team communications and acquiring team sponsors.  

Rich, Mentor

    Rich is the head and founder of the team's engineering services subteam. Rich enjoys working with the student team members to develop their mathematical and design skills as well as understanding the safe operation of hand and power tools.

Susannah, Mentor

    Susannah wishes that her high school had a robotics team, as the mechanical, electrical, and programming skills the students learn are extremely useful in her role as an experimental physicist.  Through her work with the team, she hopes to help spark the interest and enthusiasm of future engineers. You can find her working on mechanics with the students, or teaching them how to CAD.

If you are interested in mentoring, please email